High Risk

Risky Job

Marriage is high risk.

You’re committing to spend the rest of your days with a person you’ve known for a fraction of your life … a person who has the potential to change in different ways in the future as they age, face various life experiences, and adapt to the changes you’ll be going through yourself.

You’re committing to kiss singleness goodbye, mingle your money, share your body, co-raise children, integrate families and traditions, curtail irritating habits, and seek the other person’s interest. You’re making these commitments with a plan of the future written in concrete that never dries. Furthermore, you’re making this commitment with zero guarantees that your commitment will be returned in full, if at all, by your mate.

Wow. That’s risky. Very risky. But, to be risk-adverse is to be reward-adverse.

Welcome to marriage. It’s not always pretty nor pleasant, and it’s oft-times filled with pressure.

However, when both partners commit themselves to this risky proposition, and depend on God’s love & wisdom to help them honor their commitments, wonderful things will happen. The return on the commitment is rewarded over and over and over. This is how God intended marriage to be. High risk, high reward.

Copyright © 2011 Kevin B. Bullard. All Rights Reserved. Permission granted to use and reproduce with proper source citation.


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