The Light Shines in Darkness

Since April 1st news has been trickling out of Arkansas about disgraced football coach Bobby Petrino. In short, he was fired earlier today for a) lying to his superiors about a motorcycle accident he had b) involving his 25-year old mistress whom he had hired for a position a few days earlier, and c) given $20,000. Petrino, 51, is married with four children. Talk about an ugly situation!

Petrino threw away a $3.6 million a year job, and his family life is in shambles. U-G-L-Y!

While there’s a lot that can be said about this situation, the biggest thing that pops out right now is this: the light shines in darkness, always. What’s done in secret comes to the light (Mark 4:22). Beware what you do in your personal life in “secret.” It will be seen at some point, and it will affect your spouse and children.

The light shines in darkness.


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